Tuesday, October 24, 2006

No more Mr. Nice Guy

I tried to be the nice guy. When my tenant asked if they could install a washer and dryer, I said it was ok. The hookups are available in the basement and I advertise it. Though my tenant has a hard time paying the rent on time, I figured I would help out the situation, thinking that by allowing him to do laundry at home, it would be an incentive to pay me on time. I told him that as long as they weren't doing laundry every day, I wouldn't care.

That hasn't happened.

In fact, the whole installation of their units was a total cluster fuck. The guys who did it decided to unhook my washing machine, move it out of the way so they could conveniently install the new one. They also moved my dryer out of position so they could fit their in. Now, my tenant wasn't the moron moving my machines around, but because he hired these guys, I held him responsible.

Oh, and all this happened as I was leaving to go away for the weekend on a camping trip. As I left I told him to put everything back where it was, as it was.

To my amazement, everything appeared ok when I got home that Sunday. The only difference was the dryer hadn't been put back where it was. Not a big deal.

Or so I thought. I got my electric/gas bill this weekend and was a bit shocked. Somehow my gas usage doubled last month. How does gas double in the month of September? It wasn't cold.
So when I got home, I got out the flashlight and peered behind the dryers. Sure enough, they hooked up the gas lines incorrectly.

Unfucking believable.

I called my tenant and explained what was going on. I told him that I was going to have to get it switched. I didn't intend to do it last night but did. Got it done, but it was a bitch! Those lines were cranked on pretty good and got twisted up as I took them off. I then had to swap the machines around as the one line wouldn't reach far enough. No wonder they were in the spots they were.

After getting everything hooked up and set back, I tested the machines and saw that they worked (Heat!). Didn't smell gas so I guess it is done.

Thing that bothers me is that I shouldn't have had this issue to begin with. That is what I get for being the nice guy.

Screw that!

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