Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Click click boom!

I am excited.

It started last Wednesday when I was driving home from work. Over the last two weeks I had noticed how the paving was done and the lines were painted down. The overhead signs were getting set up above the lanes.

But on Wednesday, the workers were doing any of that. They were clearing things out. The equipment, the tools, the pieces of whatever they are were being put into their trucks and carried out. That could mean only one thing.

The freeway was opening soon.

I likes me a new freeway to cruise down. Especially when it means all the knuckleheads are forced out of my way. I should have two lanes heading into downtown Milwaukee free of the those going north or south. Of course there will be some idiots who may suddenly cross 3 lanes over the next couple of days, but they won't bother me. I will have 3 lanes heading east instead of just 2. Yes, I will miss the nice windy roller coaster ride and accelerating to 65 out of the suggested 30 zone.

But I won't miss the bottle neck that it was. Hopefully with whatever they do to the other side heading west, I won't be affected much as I hit it early in the morning.

The decision has been made. I am once again having family over for Christmas. This may be a bit bad as I never did get around to repainting my living room. I am sure I could do it with the windows closed but it would probably stink for a week or two which wouldn't work. Because of my brother's plans, I am having people over on the 16th. That means Christmas Eve is open and I am available for any personal/work functions that require someone to drink booze.

Because people are coming earlier, that meant I cannot sit on my butt and procrastinate like I usually do. I am proud to announce I am mostly done with my Christmas shopping. I just need to get a couple of things. Surprisingly, people actually gave me ideas. Well some.

For my nieces, I was ready to say screw them if the parents don't get me a list. But then I realized how pissed I would be to get a gift card if I was 5 years old. That just ain't right. So I went to Toys R US dot com and started throwing things in the virtual cart. I think the Simpsons Operation game must be cool so the oldest will get that along with some puzzle game thingy. Seeing how I have no clue how old the younger two are, I went across the board with gifts for 4-5 year olds. Toss in a Tigger, some dolly, and a Cabbage Patch and I was pretty much set.

Next stop was the gift baskets that I had sent last minute last year. They were a hit so I figure maybe I could make it a tradition. Click, click, done.

I guess I should get my assistant something as well as the lady who cleans my house a gift as well. I should be done by this week no matter what. If not, I hit the liquor store when I get back from Vegas.

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