Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Yesterday afternoon became a series of cancellation notices for me.

Guns N Roses concert for tonight. CANCELLED.
My awaited freeway lane openings. CANCELLED.
Plans for weekend. CANCELLED.

Ok, so I wasn't going to the concert anyways. Really, who is actually in the band anymore beside Axl? Further, who cares? From what I heard, the show was far from sold out.

The rain caused a delay in the painting of some lines so they shifted the opening of the new lanes until tomorrow. Considering that it is still raining, my guess is another delay is in order. I take credit for this one kids.

Plans for the weekend were scrapped as of now. That isn't a biggie so I don't care.

It has rained the last 3 days in the Beer City. If it was colder, we probably would have an inch or two of snow on the ground. The unseasonably warm temps have made it just wet. Sadly, that will change tonight and it will be cold once again.

I guess the Mustang is soon to be put away for the year. First bit of snow on the ground and I put the steed away. Looks to be this weekend. Sigh.

Down to just 2 more gifts to get. I am hoping I don't get any lists. I am willing to settle on buying my sister and husband gift cards. Hey, they had their chance.

So the paint they make nowadays won't make my house stink like paint for a week, eh? I guess that means I should probably think of painting the living room this weekend. On second thought, the area that needs it the most will be covered by the Christmas tree. Maybe I don't need to paint just quite yet after all.

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