Monday, November 20, 2006


The carpeting in the stairwells is very crunchy this morning. Yes, crunchy. It sounds like you are walking on Rice Krispies. It seems with the cleaning they gave them, not all the soap was rinsed out. Thus they crunch.

Considering it is a Monday morning, it would be correct to say I didn't sleep well last night. Sundays are pretty damn brutal. Alcohol and football are a helluva combination to get the body worked up. Toss in a big victory and it takes forever for the high to subside.

So now I sit in a daze, thinking about the crunchy carpet, staring at the window and the imprints of where birds have crashed into it. It must be some impact as you can see the wingspan, head, and body as they hit the glass. There are 2 of these imprints in my line of vision. Each of them I find captivating.

I wish the day was over already. Love the fact it is a short week. Strange thing is, I could really go for a turkey sandwich right now. I wonder if I will feel the same way in a week...

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