Sunday, November 19, 2006

One happy ass Cowboy fan!

It is not just about a Dallas Cowboy victory.

It is not about beating a team that was undefeated up to this game.

It was about a team playing tough and holding one very offensive team to just 14 points.

It was holding one of the most potent QBs in the NFL to basically 50% of his passes and 254 yards.

It was about sticking to the simple thought of the best defense is to keep the opposing offense off the field.

And that is what the Cowboys did. In the second half, they dominated the time of possession and kept the dangerous Peyton Manning on the sideline. As they did, they pounded the football down the field, running it hard for big yards as they mixed the pass with the defense off guard. Terr Glenn was the star on the receiving end in the 2nd half with 78 yards. Julius Jones and Marion Barber combined to bombard the Colts defense in a never ending barrage of runs.

The result was simple. Keep Manning, Harrison, and Wayne off the field so they cannot beat the Cowboys.

And it worked.

Cowboy 21
Colts 14

It is not just about a win over the best team in the AFC. It is about winning 2 in a row and gaining some momentum. It is about confidence. It is about creating a claim to a Super Bowl run.

It won't mean anything if they let down on Thanksgiving Day.

That shouldn't happen, but it could. These Cowboys have not earn a status of a team to reckon with. A victory on Thursday will help change that. McNabb going down in Philly helps. A Giant defeat would be excellent.

But as a Cowboys fan, I am beyond happy. They have taken a big step forward. There a two big steps you need to take to win in the NFL. One, you need to play as a team. Two, you need to learn to win football games. The first one takes a bit of time. The second one you cannot teach. The Cowboys have learned the second one first. The first one is falling into place.

I think other teams may begin to fear the Cowboys. Tony Romo has been special as he fire a spark into an offense that was a bit lopsided. And the defense is feeding off of it as well.

A win on Thanksgiving would be a propellant to slapping around a divisional foe 10 days later. As a Cowboys fan,the following game 10 days later in New York looks a lot winnable.

The season has taken another interesting turn for the Cowboys. One for the better. One that is very optimistic.

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