Tuesday, November 21, 2006

One quick jab

I had just filled up my coffee and headed to the stairwell. I had been talking with a former co-worker who was very excited to have Friday and Monday off. Me, I just have Friday off. But that is no big deal. I was happy for her because of she was genuinely excited.

As I climbed up the crunchy steps, I felt good about this being a Wednesday on a Tuesday. Just need to get through two days and I can eat, watch the Cowboys, and relax.

I was in a good mood. Was.

Once I got to my desk and fired up the pc, the barking co-worker made her comment. She screwed it up at first but finally got it out. She tried to be coy at first, asking how I was doing. Then she slunk into her 3rd grade state of mind and asked how it would be working tomorrow. I partially ignored her- as I usually do- and said it was no big deal. She then proudly proclaimed it was her Friday and I had to work tomorrow. What a sniveling little creature.

So I punched her in the nose.

Ok, I didn't punch her in the nose. Part of me would have liked to, but I don't hit women. Unless it is some ass slapping and...wait, I digress.

I can't believe this person actually pointed that out. How could she feel better by saying I had to work tomorrow? I guess that is how her little brain is wired. Still on 3rd grade mentality. There are times I don't know how I put up with it.

Not quite sure what my plans are for this turkey weekend. I am going the family thing on Thursday. That is set. I am talking about my drinking plans. Wednesday is an amateur night. It could be good to see a bunch of people that I haven't seen in a while though. On Friday, I may be going to a party. Not too excited about it. It could be a good time or it could suck. I think I may have to hijack the festivities and get a good drinking game running in the living room. Saturday used to be football but not any more. Not sure what I am doing. Same with Sunday. Cowboys will have played. The Packers are on Monday night so I can't join my friends for that. I will have to get someone to head up to Hooters.

But until then, I need to get through today. Not much work needed to get done over these two days, but enough to prevent me from punching a co-worker.

quck edit: She just did it again! Pointed out to another person that they had to work tomorrow and she didn't. Must keep hand down...

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