Thursday, November 09, 2006

Good food makes me happy

As soon as the knife penetrated the seared face of the steak, and glided through the rest of the meat, my mouth began to water. I knew I was going to be eating one of the best steaks in town. But with the ease the knife had in cutting the meat, I got really excited. I think the table was being tipped up as I chewed on the first bite.

One can argue who has the best steaks in town. Coerpers, Mo's, Butch's Clock, Jake's, Mr Bs. But if you want to argue, I am always going to toss Eddie Martini's into the fray. Those steaks never disappoint.

Yesterday, I had the burgundy french onion soup for starters. Well, technically, I had a Sapphire and tonic for starters but switched to Makers and Ginger when we sat down. The soup was excellent. Like all french onion soups should, it came with a cheese melted over the top. Underneath was a hearty soup that was full of flavor. The burgundy was an excellent addition. This soup could rival Jerry's Old Town.

My meal was the 22oz rib steak. Done medium rare with a garlic butter melted on top, it melted in your mouth. The steak was just amazing. After eating the steak and tossing back a number of Maker's, I would have fallen on the couch and slept a happy man if I was at home.

Oh, one thing you don't really want to do at a good steak joint. Even as a joke, don't ask for A-1. There is always someone within hearing distance that will think you are serious. In this case, my co-worker thought I was. It was a joke guys! At least the cute waitress understood.

The week has been gastronomically good. When the boss comes into town, if can be your duty to point out some of the better places to eat in the Milwaukee area. We took it easy on Tuesday and just had beer and pizza across the street from work. The pizza is damn good- one of the chicken barbecue zas with onion and bacon. Sweet!

Tonight, it looks to be Saz's. Yeah, I know of at least one person who is wondering why we are going to Saz's instead of Jerry's. One, I like Saz's ribs. They are damn good. Maybe not as good as Jerry's but still good. Two, my assistant basically wet her panties at the mention of the place. She likes to keep it simple. When deciding where to eat, she kept naming chain restaurants like the Olive Garden and Applebees.

Uh, no!

Thus I threw out Saz's as a good alternative. Next time it will probably be Jerry's. Come to think of it, someone still owes me dinner there. Should I name names?

One of my former co-workers sent me an email the other day. She had apparently remembered this place and found herself reading the inspirational, logical, informative, foolish advice I have dished out. She did pose a good question. In response to my post on Where to Sit at a Bar, she was wondering where a woman should sit at a bar. Good question. I don't have an answer right away. Plus, I think I need to ask all those ladies reading this to provide an answer before I do. Time for you help a sister out!

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