Wednesday, November 08, 2006

No money made on the vote

I made my way out the front door and down the street to the South Shore Pavilion, my designated voting place. I was a tad disappointed that they had moved the poll from the school up the road. I always enjoyed seeing all the little people furniture and gym mats in the antiquated gymnasium. Instead, I was going to the lake and standing in a stuffy room.

The process didn't take long. Apparently the shifted a line and I moved to a new district which was a good thing because they had younger people running that line. I had my ballot, made my choices, heard the "you're a winner" from the old coot by the tallying machine and walked on out, back into the night air for the walk home.

I am sad to say that I didn't win any money on this election. I had made a bet with the Boy Genius yesterday on the referendums (referendi?). I thought the lines were quite generous, especially the death penalty. Catching 17.5 was like taking the Colts against the Raiders even up with the game being played in Indy. Looks to be easy victory there according to the local rag, with 99.86 of the vote counted and it squeaking by, 55.5-44.5.

But the marriage amendment looks to be a loser, with the tally going at 59.4-40.6 on the YEA. I had NO plus 9.5. Damn. I though the dirty tricks the advocates of NO had going on was going to be enough to confuse people to vote that way and make it a closer race. I figured they had no chance, but could get the NO vote up to 45% at the minimum.

So it appears the Dems will take control. I don't think we will hear as much about recounts, lawsuits, people moving to Canada, or revolution like we have in the last couple of elections. At least I hope not. If your candidates lost, be an adult about it, accept it and get on with your life. That is how Americans have reacted to elections for hundreds of years. I hope that conservatives across the land will accept what is happening and give the new Congress a chance. If they screw things up, so be it. If they do a good job, we all win. Seriously, will it stop you from going down to the bar to enjoy a cocktail or two? No! And if it does, well, you have other issues to deal with.

Hey BG, what is the line on Pelosi screwing things up?

In the meantime, go visit this site: Let's Say Thanks. Show some love to our soldiers who are away from their loved ones. It will take just a little bit of your time to show gratitude to those who deserve it.

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