Sunday, November 19, 2006

How much?

I was at the local pub yesterday enjoying some brew as I watched the Ohio State/Michigan game. I left the bar around 8 or so, I am not quite sure. Can you guess how much I spent in that time frame?

Go ahead, guess.

Let me give you a hint. I had at least 8 beers (pints) and 4 shots.

Got a number in your head?

The amount of money collected from me was.......$3.

Seriously, 3 dollars. I gave out a lot more in tips than I paid for beer.

First beer was $1.75.
Second beer free.
Third beer $1.25. Not quite sure how the price went down. It was already happy hour.
Fourth beer free.
Fifth beer free.
Shot of Jack with bartender. No cost.
Sixth beer free. Well, earned from shake of the day. Sixes full of fours.
Seventh beer free.
Shot of Southern free- Dial-a-shot with BadBlood as he left his favorite Chinese watering hole.
Shot of Southern free- Dial-a-shot with BG. I was hoping he and CJ would have their football picks posted for the week so I could read how much they hate the Dallas Cowboys. Did get to hear BG talk of how much he loves the fact the Cowboys are on TV each week in the Philly market. Well, they will be except for the one game he would want to watch. The Lions/Cowboys game at the end of the year. How ironic.
Eighth beer free.
Shot of Makers free- Dial-a-shot with Iggy. Good to hear the little one is in good spirits. Can't wait the next couple of weeks to go by and see the crowd in Vegas. If you can't tell, I was going through my phone calling people to drink with. Some people were most likely laughing when they heard their voice mails last night.

I believe there was another beer after I spoke with Iggy. E showed up and the bartender change occurred. E bought me a beer and I know ML gave me one.

One day of drinking. 3 American dollars to the till.

Maybe I should call Ripley's?

Off to watch football. Not the same bar though. Guess I will actually have to buy my beer today.

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