Friday, November 03, 2006


Two camels walk out of a strip club. One turns to the other and says "That
looked like my toe."

Some day I will find the episode of Robot Chicken that is on. Until then, I will continue to laugh my ass off at that one. That is funny.

Met up with some friends from college last night. Had a good time drinking and catching up. If I had half a brain, I would have taken today off. The Cabo Wabo was flowing and I do likes me some Cabo.

Instead I sit here in front of a pc, looking at some work I "could" do. I am listening to Yngwie Malmsteen on Pandora. Ingwie who? Ingwie Fuckin' Malmsteen, that's who!

I am planning out the weekend here. I have heard about a drunken caravan of people hitting up various bars around the city. But with no timetable, I don't know if I will be able to track them down once I get out of work. I figure I will stop at Kelly's Bleachers on the way home from work. If I can figure out who these people are, I will toss back a couple with them. If not, so be it. I have plans for later anyways.

That would be heading out to the far north burbs for more drinking. The group I got together with had plans to see the Paul Stanley show tonight but that was cancelled. Now they think it would be good to listen to Kiss music all night. Me, I don't mind the band but if you find yourself in a room full of Kiss freaks, get out! Fast! They are a unique and dedicated group who love everything and anything Kiss (translation:NUTS!). I will be to put some kind of sanity into the crowd. OK, maybe not.

I plan to get some raking in on Saturday. Can't be the only one on the block with leaves all over the place. So I will pile them up in front of my neighbors house. Only because that is what he does. All of his leaves go into the street in front of my house. Ok, I won't do that. But I could. I wish I could burn the leaves. A nice big fire would be good. But the city would have a problem with that. Buzzkills.

After some raking, I figure I can escape for some beer, wings and Badger football as they take on Penn State. Though my favorite long distance bartender may be alumni (or a current student) of PiSs U, I hope her heart isn't broken when the Badgers stomp on them. I say lay the 7 points and take Red!

Sunday will be interesting as well. I shall forsake the emptiness of Big Momma's for the Packer game and will attend a private party. There will be more people at the party by kickoff than at the bar. Guaranteed. Plus, I will get to watch the Cowboys game. Or at least parts. I may wear out the stairs going up and down, being sociable with my friends as I try to watch the Boys crush the Deadskins. I figure at every commercial break, I can switch games. At the very least I will get some exercise.

Maybe I can bring a Terrel Owens towel. Yeah, who the hell is buying one of these? Seriously?

No, Blonde, T.O. does not come with the towel.

Ok, time to fake doing some work. It will be tough. Pandora just played a nice stretch of guitar music. After Yngwie, it was Vinnie Moore, Jason Becker and now Joe Satriani.

Maybe work won't be that bad afterall.

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