Thursday, November 02, 2006

The things I do for my friends

I try to be there for my friends in their time of need.

That is what had me out at the bar last night, drinking and cracking wise. Enjoying a bucket and helping a friend. That is what I do. We discussed the issues of the day as bad TV commercials played in the background.

One that I found to be particularly disturbing was for a pill that would make you regular. The commercial showed the stomachs of various people and had words written on them. Bloated. Constipated. Uncomfortable. After showing a bunch of these, they mention whatever wonder drug it is they are selling and then show the happiest group of people in the world. I guess if you just took the best dump of your life, you may be smiling too. That is what I got out of that commercial.

Funny how I realized that the crap inducing drug commercial is pretty much like all the political ads that I have been seeing lately. Except in most of those, the person doing all the whining can use that pill. I will be happy come next Wednesday when that nonsense is over.

I may find myself out in the New Berlin area tonight. A friend from college is in town and the call is out to come out for a beer or two. That is a bit of a haul but hey, I make sacrifices. Ok, so there is some good Chinese food involved as well. And free beer.

The things I do for my friends...

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