Thursday, December 28, 2006


It could be a hairy one today. Later I light the fuse on the dynamite that will tear down the walls and bring a lot of paperwork my way. Happens every year. And it always seems to get hairier each time as people are simply too stupid to follow directions.

So I was quite thankful that Pandora fed me some nice hair to get started. Ozzy. Van Halen. Guns N Roses. Judas Priest. Saliva. It helped get me in the mood for the onslaught that will begin this afternoon and go on to the end of January.

Thankfully I don't have to work tomorrow. Suckers!

I am trying to figure out what I will do tomorrow. I will probably take down the Christmas tree and imprison those snowmen for another year. I need to get to the vet for some cat food. I should hit the bank to cover my fricken' tax bill. I probably should move to the burbs. Tax bill would be lower and I wouldn't have a stupid city government wasting my money on a corrupt police force. Or a stupid school board who feels they can tax their residents of the city whatever they feel like and force us to pay. Sons-a-bitches.

Must relax. Skid Row. Kiss. Scorpions. Ok, that helps. If only I had a drink....

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