Sunday, December 17, 2006


Well, my Christmas has basically come and gone. The family was over last night and everyone had themselves a good time. When all was said and done, people left with a smile on their faces, a bit of a buzz for the adults, and smiles on the kids.

I got two great things out of it. My nieces loved their gifts and the Cowboys won. Today (Sunday) they would clinch a playoff spot. That is a nice gift for Christmas.

I do think the best part of last night was watching the girls play with their gifts. I envy them right now. Young and not knowing any better about what happens as they grow up. Life is all about having a fun time and playing with toys. Though it is not a competition between me and my brother, I did smile inside when I noticed they played with the toys I gave them. As I had said before, I went online and bought things for their age. I would get a "wish list" after I had made the purchase. When I looked at the list, there was one thing that made me think I had done a better job. My nieces are 8, 4, and 3 (I know this now after asking my sis). The younger two look up to the oldest in a big way. Thus, whatever she wants, they want. But they are a lot younger and to an extent, don't know what they want and are just little kids. When I saw they playing with the Doodle Pet and a doll at the end of the night, I knew I had pegged it right. They are just little girls who want the simple things in life.

As the night was going on, I kept an eye on the Cowboys game. I don't have the NFL Network so I had the NFL Gamecast running. Every time there was a noise coming from my pc, I would see what had happened. I didn't like the fact that they had blown a 14 point lead, but I had faith. That faith was paid off in the end.

I always contend that to win in the NFL you need two things. You need to learn to play as a team and you need to learn how to win games. The Cowboys have lacked both of those over the last 8 years. Last year they learned to play better as a team. It came through more this year, but more importantly, they learned to win game. The Giants game is a good example. But the last drive against the Falcons was even better. They drove down the field, first with the pass, then the run. They took over 5 minutes off the clock and culminated the drive with a touchdown.

Sure the secondary is a bit questionable right now. But if the defense can make the stops late in the game just a couple more times, they have a chance to go far. Next week against Philly will be a dog fight. The Iggles coaching staff is just too good. But they played them tough earlier and had a chance to win. This time around we have Romo on our side. I don't think they may be ready for the magic he brings.

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