Monday, December 18, 2006

Time to revisit a brilliant idea

Funny how dependent we have become on email. Not only relying on it to communicate with others but on it to spell check for us. We are so dependent on it that we do not realize that there is a grammar error until someone tells us about it.

For example, you may mean to say "If you have any questions, give me a call". Instead you mistype and you send out an email that says "If you have any questions, give me a all".

Most people who read the email won't catch it. If they do, they understand what you meant. But there has to be some petty little twit who will point it out, and forward it to a bunch of people thinking it is quite humorous.

That is why I once again propose TTWYRT Day. Yes, Tell Them What You Really Think Day is back! It would make the corporate world a much better place to be in.

It would be so nice to walk up to the person who pointed out my error and loudly ask what exactly in their failure as a human being makes they feel that much better than to point out a word that had a consonant missing? Is it because even your dogs don't like you? That your husband is cheating on you with the paperboy because he has bigger breasts than you?

Yes, if TTWYRT Day was established, I would feel quite a bit better today. Until my vision is fulfilled, I will just have to keep it inside and have a drink when I get home.

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