Friday, December 29, 2006

When the nerds get mad

It felt good to sleep in. Though I didn't get out last night deciding to stay in and play poker, drink beer, and chat with friends online, not having the alarm go off early in the morn was nice.

Woke up, did some laundry, drank some coffee, played some poker, and laughed my butt off.

I was laughing at the people complaining about not getting a Wii. Alan, a poker blogger, mentioned on the chat thing that he was trying to get a Wii on Amazon. They didn't say how many they had or when exactly they would go on sale. Just that sometime this morning, you could buy one. No matter how many they would have, they were going to sell out fast. And they did. Alan did get one as he had 4 screens running so he could see the purchase button appear.

Like a flash, the window opened and closed. Gone in seconds. edit: They had 1000 and they were gone in 40 seconds.

Think about it. There were probably a dozen or so available. Even if there were say 100 Wiis for sale, that would still be minuscule to the number of people that were probably trying to buy one. I wouldn't be shocked to find out that there were tens of thousand or hundreds of thousands of people playing this lottery to get a Wii.

So of course what do they do when they do not get one? Bitch up a storm. Silly people. Common sense would have told you your chances of getting the gaming system was slim. So you didn't get one. Be a man and move on out of your parents basement already.

Ok, time to go rip down the tree.

Rock on with your bad selfs.

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