Sunday, December 31, 2006

Adios 2006

Another year is finished.

Another year of memories packed into the brain. Another year of highs and lows. And another year of wondering why you people come to read this drivel day after day. No wonder I have a headache.

I thought of doing a best of from 2006. But I started reading the stuff from January and thought how stupid it was. Or, I guess, still is. Shocker! I started off the year drunk. And ragging on about the suckhole that is Milwaukee radio. Sadly, nothing has changed on the radio. Still sucks. But I did have one good post on road rage.

Hell, I don't even want to look at February. That is when I was on the wagon. Same with March. What a bad idea that was. April didn't get much better.

At this point you are thinking...wait, he said he wasn't doing a best of 2006. Well, I am not. There is no best going on here. I think I prove it in May. Where I took lyrics from a Def Leppard song and used it for the blog titles. No one noticed what was going on. While I thought I was being clever, turns out I was being ignored.

June was about Drinking for Jesus. T-shirts still available. Guess I should start thinking of something new for 2007.

Ok, I am done with a bunch of links back to 2006. Don't feel like doing that any more. Not sure what I am doing tonight either. Private party? Bar? Both? I will figure something after the football games. Maybe I will drink so much that I pass out by 8.

If so, Happy New Year everyone.

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