Friday, January 19, 2007

Friday beer

It has been a busy week. A productive week. Always good when those two mesh.

Of course, it could have been smoother. Too many instances like this morning. With a pile of reports to review, I headed over to Pandora to listen to music as I made my way through the paper jungle. One of my favorite Anthrax songs comes on. Black Lodge. A smile comes across my face as tension fades away. I start getting more work done, trying hard not to mouth each word.

Then the phone rings.


Always during a good song.

The conversation is quick and about something the person would know if they actually read the instructions on completing this report. Thanks for the interruption.

I try to get back to some 'Thraxian enjoyment but no sooner than I hit the play button, the phone rings again. Another stupid question. Another sarcastic answer that goes over the person's head. When I get off that call, there is a pop up announcing a meeting in 5 minutes.

So much for Anthrax. I guess Murphy's Law has something on random music while at work. When a good song comes on, it will be interrupted. I guess it also applies when eating your lunch at your desk. Lunchus interruptus. Hot food will be cold. Cold food warm.

When I woke up, I had two thoughts. Well actually three, but every man has that one thought in the morning. I was also thinking snow and beer. It was to have snowed an inch last night. Got up, walked to the window, and was pleasantly surprised to see it hadn't. Sweet!

I then proceeded to contemplate what beer to partake in after work. I believe Friday always lend themselves away from the mass produced domestic brands. Drink something different. I think today just may be a Sprecher day. At least that is the only interesting alternative at Big Mommas. If I get bored with that, I can always switch to a Heffe Weis. If not, I can always go the Irish bar next to it.

Only 3.5 hours until I am officially beer eligible. Whether I stop home and get in some exercise is to be determined. The body can use a day off.

Rock on with your bad selfs this weekend.

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