Saturday, January 20, 2007

Nice Friday beer

As I mentioned yesterday, my thoughts were on beer throughout the day. It was a hellacious week of work. Next week won't be much better. But compared to what others do for a living, I surely cannot complain.

A friend of mine once gave me some advice. In the past, he claimed to be a trainer for the Milwaukee Brewers, so I actually believed what he said. He told me to take a break from working out. One day a week, let your body catch up. It made sense to me, so I listened to what he said and follow that idea to this day.

Then again, I don't think he meant to take a day off and fill your stomach with beer.

Surprise! That is what I did yesterday. Stopped by Berts for a 4 pack of Sprecher Amber and relaxed as I chatted with friends. Problem was, that beer was soon gone. Man did it taste good.

So as I finished the last one, I wondered if the same lady would be working and if she would remember me when I went to get more beer.

On the advice on one Wonka, I grabbed some Samuel Smith's Nut Brown Ale. A good brew. Goes down well.

I also grabbed a six pack of Tyranena Brewing's Rocky's Revenge. Friend ride in a charity event for them every year so I figured I should try it out since I have never had a beer from TB.

Man, that beer rocked. Last month in Vegas, Daddy told me about a beer in Chicago that was aged in bourbon barrels. It was expensive, but damn worth it. No, its not the Tyranena beer. But when I saw the bourbon barrel comment on the label, I was hooked. Think about it. Bourbon + beer = Happy StB. I would drink both anyways so why not put it together. Just like a peanut butter cup.

On their site, they call Rocky's Revenge a "rich, satisfying ale". I call it damn good. There is a hint of the bourbon in every drink. A brown ale I highly recommend. If you see it, get a bottle. It is worth it!

After I made some coffee this morning, I grabbed the bottles and began moving them to a recycling bin. I noticed that one of the Sprecher bottles still had some beer in it. Was it wrong to drink it?

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