Thursday, January 18, 2007

More miscellaney things

On the radio, they were talking about the movie "On Golden Pond" this morning. I immediately thought of the porn "On Golden Blonde". How come they don't try harder to use titles of popular movies for porn anymore? I think we could use more movies like that. C'mon Flesh Gordon is a classic.

I actually had someone say "Dag gum" to me today. I shouldn't have even taken the call. I was busy listeing to Pantera, getting stuff done when the guy called. Next time someone asks me if they are interrupting me, I don't say no. I say, "Yes, I am listening to Fucking Hostile. If you want me to stomp a mud hole in your chest, please continue speaking."

My guess is I would feel better.

Hey, check out the new banner on the right. Yes, you can buy me a beer! Go to it. I am thirsty.

Ron Mexico strikes again! Them Vick brothers sure aren't the smartest people in the world. I wonder if the league will take it easy on him. Suspending a star is a tough thing to do. I think it is scary that he is traveling with a bottle that has a secret compartment. Can anyone get one of these now?

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