Friday, February 23, 2007

Bar thoughts

The boss called me into a meeting yesterday. I had little clue on what it could be about. I had been busy most of the day so it wasn't like I was caught goofing on with a blog or something. She talks a bit and then says there is a meeting later on in conference room T and I need to get some people together. Conference room T is code speak for the bar across the street. I have some experience in that.

Seeing that I was finished an hour before they, I was across the street filling my belly with beer for an hour before anyone else showed up. Leinenkugel's Big Butt Doppel Bock is back. Unfortunately, it wasn't tasting right. It didn't have the full body that a doppel should have. The bartender mentioned that they just took off the Apple Spice and swapped the Big Butt in on that tap. Me thinks they did not clean the line when they made the switch. Probably drew some of the bock through until it looked dark. Sad. The Leinie Big Butt is a decent beer. Not a great doppel, but can quench your thirst. Plus, you know you want a Big Butt to hold in your hands.

As I sat at the beer drinking my beer, I scoped out the crowd. There were the makings of two parties. One looked to be a birthday party, while the other just a bunch of people out after work. One guy in the crowd stood out. It was the Michelob Ultra he was drinking. All the women around him were drinking various Miller products or Corona. And here is this dude drink Mich Ultra. He might as well have been drinking Zima. Ladies, would you ever want to be caught with a guy who drinks Ultra?

I chatted with the bartender for a while. It was after a couple of beers that I noticed I was paying for each one of them. Guess hanging at Big Mommas can really spoil you. The place was getting quite busy. Seems everyone wanted to get their drunk on. Not bad for a Thursday.

Funny, when the boss and her crew showed up, they had a beer and took off for dinner. Uh ok. I passed on dinner. Didn't feel like driving up to Germantown for ribs. Yep, I passed on Jerry's. Instead I went home to play some poker with friends. Stopped at Burt's and got a 6 pack of the City Brewing Golden Leaf wheat. Not so good. It felt like I was drinking dust. It lacked body and flavor. It was dryish. Not quite what I was hoping for. But this guy liked it.

Lots of snow possible coming our way. At least most of it melted this week. Now I will have a place to put the 8 inches we might get hit with.

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