Thursday, February 22, 2007

I always miss the good stuff

Things tend to happen in Milwaukee when I am gone. There have been massive rainfalls causing floods (happened twice while I was in Vegas), they find serial killers (Dahmer), or there are stories about bat ass crazy people.

Like this one. Rescuing a woman in a porn DVD with a Calvary sword?


Look at the picture of the "hero". Does he not look crazy? I mean seriously bat ass crazy!

But wait, it gets better! The "rescue" is only 10 hours later! The porn enthusiast was watching a Spanish movie "because of the hot chick" (makes sense) and had no idea what the dialog in "Casa de Culo" was. Go ahead, check out the translation. I'll wait.

My ass he didn't know the the movie was about. Ha! Get it?

I like how the porn enthusiast says he will not change his movie viewing habits. Right on brother! Enjoy your porn!

Plus, the police had to review the movie to see if their was anything in the film to support bat crazy dude's version of the story. I don't get to watch porn at work at part of my job. Bastards!

Yeah, I miss all the good stuff when I am away.

Coming in to work and then going out for dinner with the bosses totally blew. Dinner was bad. Food was mediocre and the service was slow. Certainly not worth driving 25 miles for. At least the conversation was good. The ladies were in dirty mode so it wasn't a stuffy, make sure you don't say anything wrong kind of night.

A friend of mine is in Vegas now. Maybe now he will stop telling his one Vegas story that happened 11 years ago. I wish I was in Vegas as well. I need to get away.

Piles of work to get through today. Who is up for big mouth beers tonight?

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