Friday, February 09, 2007


No the rumors are not true. Anna Nicole Smith did not die upon hearing that Wade Phillips was named coach of the Dallas Cowboys. But with some of the stuff I heard on the radio this morning, that is what I expected to hear.

For example, one guy called Phillips a "lap dog", there just to be controlled by Jerry Jones and to be replaced by Jason Garrett in a couple of years. He was glad the Packers passed on Phillips last year. Same person was shocked that Phillips was even interviewed. Apparently he did not know that Phillips was the first person interviewed for the job. So in one day he managed to trot out the puppet comments after hearing of the announcement. Facts don't matter. Like hiring Mike McCarthy was better than a guy who coached the best defense in the league this past season. People should read up more about the process the Cowboys went through before passing off the same old cliches.

Like the guy on the other radio station who claimed the Cowboys got the best of what was left. That Wade Phillips blew up Buffalo, destroyed Denver, and ruined both Atlanta and New Orleans. First, Phillips was an interim coach in N.O. and Atlanta, coached 7 games between them. He was 16-16 for Denver and later in Buffalo 29-19. Does that sound like he blew up the team? I wish the local radio would get the facts before spouting off with their own personal opinions.

Will Phillips be a good coach? Why not? He has shown success before. He has shown he can create formidable defenses. He has won as a head coach.

Personally, I would have liked to have seen them go with Mike Singletary. I have a feeling he is going to succeed in this league some day running a team. Plus, somehow it troubled me when Jones said a main reason for hiring Phillips was that he was a Texan.

The stories out of Dallas are positive so that is a good sign. Unlike up here in Wisconsin, the reporters down there love to rip into the Cowboys when they make bad moves. They aren't afraid to call them to the mat.

I found myself awake at 3:43 this morning. As I laid there in bed, for some reason the Elephant Man popped into my mind. I remembered how in the 80s they made the movie on Joseph Merrick, the Elephant Man and how different shows like 20/20 talked about the subject. I had seen the movie a long time ago and even recalled a made for TV version of the Elephant Man. It was the made for TV show that had me recalling how pissed off I was. I had wanted to see someone made up with all the deformities. But instead, some stupid actor just contorted his body to give the impression of the twisted bones and such. How lame.

Maybe I will find the video and watch it again all these years later.

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