Thursday, February 08, 2007

Hiding the bottle

I usually enjoy going to the grocery store and watching the freak show around me. But yesterday's trip was rather boring. When I saw how crowded the parking lot was, I thought I was in for a treat. But instead, it was normal people doing their shopping. Well, except for the trailer park family but that is too easy. Shocking part was they were not wearing sweatpants.

Oh, I just about forgot about the scruffy teens pouring baggies of coins into the Coinstar machine. Looked like they were trying to get together enough money to buy their weed. I pictured them rummaging through sofas, car ash trays, old jackets, etc. looking for cash just so they could get some smoke.

I was reminded of something that I do not particularly like. Actually, two things. What is with the proliferation of stop signs in parking lots? They are sprouting like weeds. At this particular store, you basically need to drive in front of the Home Depot if you are to enter from the east. You will hit 4 stop signs while navigating the parking lot. Add in the pedestrians who decide that they can continue to walk like their grandparents and you can tack on 5 minutes to your journey.

Once you get by the forest of red octagons, you then need to dodge all of the vehicles that find the need to park on the sidewalk by the entrance. Rather than take a regular parking spot as someone runs into the store, they park up front, blocking the way, so you need to drive around them. One truck just about pulled out right in front of me as he weaved his way out from behind two other vehicles. WTF people. Get a spot like everyone else you lazy bastards!

I think the highlight of the night was spending more money on liquor than food. Did a partial restocking of the cabinet with the purchase of Maker's Mark, Captain Morgan, and Korbel. That is Korbel brandy for you non-Wisconsin fold. Try it, you'll like it. If you can find it.

As I was paying for my booze, I watched in amusement as the clerk put each bottle into its own long paper bag. The bottle bag is alive and well today. As she crammed the square Maker's bottle into the tight bag, I wondered what the origin of the long bag was. It is easy to figure out that it is to hide the bottle so no one can see that it is liquor in there, but is it still needed today? Did she look at me and think "Hey, I better bag these as this guy looks like he may get outside the store, twist a cap off and take a big slug."

I believe I should have been given a choice of bags. There should be a clear bag that shows what is inside. I didn't buy a bunch of cheap booze. I should have the option of showing off my liquor purchases. A pronouncement to the world that says yes, I am a drinker of Maker's!

Just want the option. That's all I am saying.

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