Monday, February 12, 2007


It is one of those beautiful Hallmark card views today. The snow is falling, all fluffy and light, covering the trees in a blanket of white. In fact, one guy just commented what a nice view it is.

It also meant getting out to shovel the 3 inches before leaving for work. The lightness of the snow makes for an easy shovel; a quick push off the sidewalks. Thankfully my cat was kind enough to wake me this morning as I forgot to set my alarm. Funny, the old man next door does not get up at exactly 5:30 to shovel. My back up alarm apparently doesn't give a crap about cleaning his walks early anymore.

The snow made for a slow drive in as well. People can drive as carefully as they want. I just say to stay out of the left lane. Slower traffic keep right. I was able to do the speed limit just fine through the wet highways. Maybe I just have more confidence in my driving skills.

I am convinced now, more than ever, that the Milwaukee Admirals have the WORST logo in sports.

Look at this thing. It looks like a retarded kid who died with a bad hat on. Someone must have created this on their Commodore 64 years ago. Plus, the colors of teal and black are pretty damn ugly too. I grimace at the sight of it. Simply embarrassing.

The Milwaukee Admirals play in the AHL. There is another team in the league that uses the Admiral nickname as well. Here is the logo for the Norfolk Admirals: Not that this logo is a kick ass logo, but it is much better than a retarded pirate boy. Makes me wonder if the people of Norfolk make fun of Milwaukee's retarded kid when they play.

Al just emailed me some pics of Irish Car Bombs on the assembly line. Reminded me of Friday night at Big Mommas after the hockey game. It was free scotch night. Dewars white label to be exact. I thought it was ok stuff. Not that I am a big scotch drinker but I drank mine. I didn't shoot it, just sipped away.

Later the dice would be going and I would get my fill of shots. Don't know exactly why we were shaking as the money remain untouched. Call me stubborn or just old school, but I insist on doing shots when shaking dice. Don't give me those bombs, depth charges, drop shots, or whatever you want to call them. A shot is typically an ounce of liquor, poured into a glass. There is to be no Red Bull put in it or soda or juice. That would make it a mix drink. It you cannot fit it into a shot glass, then you cannot call it when the dice cup is out.

Thus I am calling you pansies out. Next time you are shaking for shots, be men! None of those froo-froo drinks. Take a snort of whisky! Maybe you can grow a pair!

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