Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Singles Awareness Day

As far as I know, you don't give jewelry to someone for Easter. That means we should be free of all those annoying commercials for at least the next 3 months. Yes, no "heart shaped" pendant, or "showing her she is the specialist girl in the world" ads on the radio. Most of them are rather stupid. I know that I would never buy a lady the "special radiant necklace featuring 27 diamonds all for the low price of $126". It shows no creativity. It shows that you kept listening to the radio after the Ozzy Osbourne song ended. It also tells the other women around her that she was only worth $126. Not the brightest thing to do. Buy her something everyone knows the price of. But that ain't the point.

It is the commercialism. It shouldn't take anyone one specified day to tell someone you love them. It shouldn't take a box of chocolates, flowers, or lingerie to say you care. But that is what society has become. One trumped up pseudo holiday after another.

Today I will be spending time with some women. Two of them hunched over me most of the day. No, I am not hitting the nudie bar. Unfortunately it is at the dentists office. Fun, eh? I may have a wisdom tooth pulled. I wonder if I will be able to eat anything tonight? Could be a liquid dinner.

Thanks to Karol, I have had the Doors music bouncing around in my head for the last day. The only lapse was when I was shoveling this morning. Thankfully the snow was light so the 7 inch drifts were managable. It was anywhere from 2-4 inches in other areas and there are still places to put it. As I shoveled, I started rewriting a Van Halen song.

I push the snow like there's no tomorrow.
All this salt, I had to steal
I got these drifts, these drifts are not hollow
Yes, I'm lifting at a pace that kills
Shovelin' with the Devil
Shovelin' with the Devil
I found the machine life, ain't so simple
My snow blower, it won't start at all
And when I get, my driveway all cleaned off
I turn and see that fuckin' street plow!
Oooo OW!
Shovelin' with the Devil
OW! OW! There goes my back!
Shovelin' with the Devil!
Shovelin' with the Devil!
Shovelin' with the Devil!
Shovelin' with the Devil

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