Saturday, February 24, 2007

Hope I am wrong

It didn't click at first, but I did notice something different as I grabbed the 18 pack of Lite from the cooler. The shelves that stock that specialty beer is pretty barren now. But now I noticed the cooler had some open sleeves as well.

But it wasn't until someone asked if they had any Sprecher that the light bulb went on. I looked at the other cooler and saw it was half empty. Then I looked down at the shelves that should be filled with wine. Big gaps.

As I walked out of Bert's Liquor store, I had a feeling of dread come over me. Those empty shelves usually indicate one thing. The place is closing up. Going under.

That made me sad. I lost my bar (though Big Mommas is there, it is not the same without P&K running the place) and now I might lost my liquor store. Hell, that is one reason I bought my house where I did. Just so I could be within walking distance of a liquor store during a blizzard.

Man I hope I am wrong.

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