Monday, February 05, 2007

Not so super Sunday

Is it me or did the Super Bowl and all of it's hype seem pretty blah this year?

The game itself was somewhat crappy, maybe because of the weather. I didn't see a single commercial that had me thinking about it later- except for the Snickers one and that was down right wrong for many reasons. Big Mommas didn't even have 30 people inside the bar. So what if the temperature was about -2 at game time in Wisconsin (currently -12). Once you are inside, it is much warmer, especially when you get some booze inside of you.

I cashed in on the Colts. I hope you did too. But there was just a lack of energy during the game. That carried on as people left once it was done and the pools were paid.

There was an interesting moment just after kickoff. Some big dude in an Urlacher jersey walked in, oblivious to the TD return that has just happened. After a minute, he figures out what happens and starts whooping it up. Talk about annoying! There was already one really annoying chick in the bar who was pissing me off, but the last thing any of us wanted was an obnoxious Bears fan making noise as well. Check, obnoxious hillbilly Bears fan. The twang in the guy's speech was funny. And he seemed slow. When the Bears scored their second touchdown, he did some kind of wiggle dance that just about scarred my memory. The hillbilly would even come over to us and ask why we were rooting against the Bears. Well, they are the Bears and I had money on the Colts. Two good reasons to cheer on Indy.

When the Colts got the lead, we noticed hillbilly Bears fan had left. There goes the entertainment. So basically the game slugged on. I won the 3rd quarter pool which was nice. If the Colts had kicked a field goal at the end, I would have won the final as well. Instead I did well with them covering.

Being smart for once, I arranged to have the day off. Too many times I have dragged my butt into work just to sit their in misery, barely doing any work. Instead, I was able to sleep in and get some rest so I can go see the dentist later. I intend to walk through the cold to get to the office. It is only 4-5 blocks away. Temp at the time may warm up to -3 or so. I figure it isn't worth warming up the truck just to drive that short distance. Furthermore, the truck would be cold by the time the checkup is finished. A short walk may seem cold but I don't think it will be all that bad. At least that is what I will keep telling myself.

Along the way I will try to figure out why a friend is pissed at me. It cannot be because I didn't go to party he threw back in November. Yet that is what it appears to be. I called him on Friday to talk and haven't received a call back. So until then, I will be amused that he is mad that I didn't want to go sit in his basement and watch people sing karaoke. Go figure.

Finally, check out this guy, nailed for OWI on his way to an AA meeting. At least he was trying to get help?

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