Friday, March 02, 2007

Battles with nature

It isn't every day when you drive to work in a snowstorm and drive home in a heavy downpour. Enough rain that I decided not to squeegee the slush off my sidewalk. Hey, only idiots would push slush in the rain.

So it is snowing again. Probably get warmer today to melt it all. At least that is my hope. I am not picking up a shovel today.

I have found myself have frequent arguments with my boss lately. It would be nice if she would let me do my job and present my ideas. Instead, when I suggest we go a different route- one that doesn't agree with her opinion- she huffs and declares she will do it herself.


Thanks. I put 2 days of research together and you toss it all within 5 minutes.

Then you reverse your position about another item forcing us to contact 150 people and get a response from them within 10 days. Our message will contradict everything we told them last year and cause great confusion. And I look like the schmuck because of it.

I think the saving grace in all of this is I do not work in the same city as she. I may have quit if I did.

No wonder I have been drinking each night this week. Oh wait. I may have done the drinking anyways.

Nothing exciting going on this weekend so far. I should look to do something constructive around the house. Should.

Being bored this early at work is not a good thing. I need a drink.

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