Saturday, March 03, 2007


It was quarter past nine. I was already awake for a couple of hours. Didn't drink much last night. It wasn't because I ate too much, but probably what I ate. I have come to the grand conclusion that fish fries and lots of drinking don't go hand in hand.

I had just finished playing some poker when I looked over at the cash I received for rent. Having used the last coffee beans in the house for my morning brew, I figured I could go take care of some errands. I could hit the bank, the dentist, and the Starbucks.

So I threw on a hat, some jeans and headed out the door. I walked half a block before deciding to put on my earmuffs. It was about 23 degrees and with the breeze, it felt like it. I do a lot thinking when I am out walking or cycling. Today was pretty much the same. As I walked to the dentist office, I observed the sidewalks on my path to determine whether I would be doing any kind of shoveling. Sure I could have looked at my own when I left but I hadn't. What I did know was that I wasn't the only one who let the slush (at least what hadn't melted) sit and crust up. Most people hadn't touched the stuff and with the freezing temps, no one will

I noticed the morning paper outside the dental office. Guess they aren't open, even though there stated hours say they are there on Saturday. They won't get any money from me now until my next visit.

I walked the next 2 blocks to the bank. Though I work for a bank now, I still have my accounts with the local guys. Wait, they were bought out by a FIB bank so I guess they aren't really local anymore. Well, they are nearby. Plus, I keep funds there for emergencies.

The line in the bank was small. An old man sat on the couch reading the newspaper. I wondered if he comes in here every Saturday to read the paper. I made my deposit ($420 in cash, insert your own joke) and walked out to my next destination. As I did, waited and held the door open for an elderly man. He thanked me and I gave him the standard "you're welcome".

I was now walking into the wind so it felt a bit colder. As I walked, I was thinking about some things the Human Head posted lately. Though our politics are pretty much opposite (actually I am against most of his methodology than his ideology), he is a good man. I wonder if I antagonize him with my comments. He does one thing well, and that is get you to think about other people's views. I also thought about the war and how the surge appears to having a good effect, national health care and how hypochondriacs would kill the system, and why am I still living in the city limits when I don't think our local government gives a care about their taxpayers.

The last thought would be answered easily. I like my neighborhood. It is old and mostly quiet. I like to play a game as I walk. I call it "Was it a bar?". Yep, the area used to have a number of taverns. Now, most of them have been converted to regular residences. But you can tell that some most likely were drinking establishments by how the front door is right on the corner for faces the corner. I usually picture the place to still have the bar inside. At least that is how I would have it.

I finally reached the corner with the Starbucks. I actually despise the place. I don't drink their coffee unless I am on the road. I think it is ridiculous that people pay 4 bucks a pop, 5-7 times a week, just for coffee. I bet those people think the same about my drinking of beer too, but that would kooky talk.

I actually stopped at the corner when the "Don't Walk" light started to flash. I watched some assclown run the red light so he could make his left turn. Impatient bastard. You had a yellow at least a half block away but figured your time is so precious that you couldn't wait a couple of minutes.

Just as I got the "Walk" signal, another care pulled up to a stop right over the cross walk. Must be moron day on the streets of Bay View. I thought of walking on top of her car to prove a point. Or at least to give her a glare as I walked by in front of her car. But then she popped it into reverse and cleared my walk way. I was a bit surprised. There is good in people.

Into the Starbucks I went. I wouldn't have here in the first place if I didn't have gift cards from my boss. Though she easily makes over a quarter mil, a $10 card is what she thought was best. Well, they say you shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth (whatever the hell that really means) but I used the one I had received coupled with the one from last year to get two pounds of coffee.

As I waited for the lady to finish some one's order, I stared at the lady sitting in the chair reading a book. If I ever am seen inside a Starbucks lounging around, please shoot me.

Just as I was leaving, one of the workers (side note: why does it take 3 people to work the drive through and just one to work the counter?) asked if Brian knew where the bank was. Apparently they sent some guy off to the bank for the first time and he was gone for quite some time. Why do I think that Starbucks will have an opening soon?

Having finished my errands, I was out the door again and heading home. I heard some barking in front of me and saw some little yipping dog on a porch. He ran a bit down the walk and stopped. His owner yelled at him from the door. As I got closer, the dog started to come at me. Now this is a little dog. I could have punted him into the lake. I guess I didn't because I was laughing. When the dog ran towards me, the owner yelled "Pee Wee! Get back here!" Pee Wee? LOL! How fitting.

Just about forgot one other thing I wanted to do. Made a call out to see if anyone wanted to go to Hooters. Damn no answer so I left a message. I turned the final corner just to see my neighbor flooding the sidewalk with water. A hose was coming out of his house and pouring water on the already icy walk. Guess I can do some ice skating later if I so choose.

Opened the back door and walked inside. My tenant is cooking bacon. The aroma is wafting down the stairs. Mmm...bacon. I have bacon. Time to be makin' bacon.

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