Friday, March 09, 2007

Beer, please.

I left work and went straight to the bar yesterday. It felt like the thing to do. I was bored senseless all day. That is the reward for busting my ass and getting ahead of the curve. I just hope an avalanche of work doesn't hit me at the end of the month.

But being bored, I knew I had to do something to snap myself out of it. Screw the daily routine. Instead of going home, getting on the bike and riding, eating my leftover stir fry, and playing some poker, I went directly to the bar. Not only did I pass GO, I flew by the mother.

Ok, I did stop at the store to get cat litter. Have to take care of my cat's ass, you know. I did find the people in the "express" line to be amusing. The lady was digging through her purse trying to find some cash. The looks on the 3 people behind her was priceless. Boy were they pissed. I was able to grab what I needed, pay and get out before the last person in the other lane was done.

I hit the bar and knew exactly what I needed. Guinness. It was a Guinness kind of day. I knew the stout would relax me and then I could switch to marathoning Lite. Only problem was they don't have Guinness at Big Mommas. I had to settle for Murphy's. Whatever. I wonder how many people could pick out the Guinness in a blind taste test? To hell with the Pepsi challenge, let's do it with stouts.

I drank my beer and talked with the old man, Pat. I still have him on my unofficial dead pool list. Yes, I am a bastard for picking a guy at a bar. I noticed the bartender didn't crack my twenty when I got my beer. Nice. It was going to be one of those nights.

And it was. I bought a round and paid for that. But that was about it. I paid for 1 more beer and got about 5 in return. Left a good tip and left in time to play some poker tournament with friends.

Maybe I will repeat the process this afternoon.

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