Friday, March 09, 2007

My balls

I got up from my desk to get some lunch. As I did, I noticed my balls were kind of itchy. Before my brain could act, my hand was already moving down to give a little relief.

That is when I saw her eyes. In an instant I could read her mind. "No, he ain't about to do what I think he is about to do." But the hand was already there and gave a quick scratch before the brain could take over. Now she was probably trying to figure out whether it was a scratch or not.

I didn't care, I headed quickly to the stairwell, hoping no one was climbing up. There I could get the relief I needed.

It was then that I noticed the song going through my mind was Venom, In League with Satan. How does one get this song in their noggin from scratching their balls?

This post is dedicated to my fellow campers. I know they cannot wait for it to be warm enough so we can be out drinking by a campfire and listening to me answer trivia question with my legendary two word answer. My balls!.

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