Thursday, March 08, 2007

Thursday thoughts

I discovered something interesting. You can add "bag" to any word and it becomes bad. Think about it. I came to this conclusion the other day when a sick person walked up to me and a colleague. Apparently, she was just getting over a cold. My co-worker commented on how she didn't want to get any germs from her. I just about said "Hey, keep the walking germbag in the corner" but somehow stopped myself. I laughed a bit and then explained the comment. It was then that it became known that adding "bag" to any word will make it bad. I give all credit to the usage of douchebag. Go ahead, find even the best, cleanest word. Pop bag on the end of it and it ain't so clean anymore.

Hello Again
The Cars are coming to Summerfest! Well, an incarnation of the cars. Kinda like the new Mustang, the New Cars kinda look like the original, sounds like the original, but you notice there is not the original. Only two members of the original band are still in it and one of them is not Ric Ocasik. Quick prediction: It is scheduled for the second Saturday. This show will be packed. Plan to get there early and park your butt at the Miller Stage. Ok, that is just a guess on which stage they are playing. But it looks to be an early show (8pm).

I know the warmer weather is coming soon because of two things. One, I am driving to work with the sun out again. At least for today. Daylight savings will end that quickly come Monday. But I think that effect will be gone in 2, maybe 3 weeks.

I also can predict that it not not be any colder than 20 degrees and no more heavy snowfall. All because I got my parking spot back at work. I had to park in the elements for the last week and a half as they did some repairs. Of course it snowed 3 times, rained once, and was cold. Now that I have my covered spot back, all of that miserable weather will stop.

In about a month I will have the Mustang back out. I have owned this car for 10 years now (as of January. Yes, I bought a convertible in January.) Can't wait to drive my baby again.

Added Barenaked Ladies and "Alcohol" to the drinking CD. Currently I am on the fence about 1 bourbon, 1 scotch, and 1 beer by John Lee Hooker. See Blonde, no crappy Thorogood version there. Got to be the original blues version. The song totally fits. It is great. But it is a tad slower pace than I may want. Then again, it is a good change.

Oh, add in the Might Mighty Bosstones and Another Drinkin Song to the list as well.

I am wondering why this tech guy has a picture of Dan Orlovsky at his desk. Does anyone, beside BG, know who this Detroit Lion is? Oh, it is a signed picture. Must be a joke as he also has a Gary Coleman picture as well.

If I had a subscription to Sports Illustrated, I would be cancelling it immediately upon receiving the latest issue. It is not the job of SI to preach to me about global warming. They already have writers talking about crap we don't care about (Czabe does an excellent job at refuting most of what pumpkin head Peter King says, showing King to be a total buffoon.) or have "experts" making bad picks that do not involve logic, but personal feelings (hey didn't Dr. Z get beat by a hot blonde in picks this year?).

This preaching about global warming is overboard. In the first couple of paragraphs of the article, there are facts misrepresented. They claim there is less snow. Ask Drizz about snow. Hell, we had twice as much snow in Milwaukee that we normally do. Next, they claim that the intensity of Hurricane Katrina was higher due to global warming. Uh, not necessarily. They also had predicted 2006 to be the worst hurricane season EVER, but what happened? Exactly. Little.

The job of Sports Illustrated is to deliver sports stories, not get political. If you have a subscription, kill it now. Or after you get the swimsuit issue. Not like that is all that great anyway. Better stuff on the 'net.

Oh, don't even get me started on the nut cases in California suing the auto manufacturers claiming they are causing this global warming bullshit.

Yes, the people of Wisconsin are really trying to make up for not being in the news. But burning your nuts? Uh, no. Hey, I have done some crazy stuff when drunk, but lighting my balls on fire is not one of them. I like my boys and intend to take good care of them.

Just saw the Ernest Gallo kicked the wine bucket yesterday. I have broken my Dead Pool cherry! It dawns on me that I never showed my list. Here it is:
1. Muhammed Ali
2. Osama bin Laden
3. Joey Bishop
4. Barry Bonds
5. Jimmy Carter
6. Fidel Castro
7. Walter Cronkite
8. Ernest Gallo DECEASED - MARCH 6, 2007 (97)
9. Billie Graham
10. Paul Harvey
11. Bobby the Brain Heenan
12. Nancy Reagan
13. Donald Rumsfeld
14. Verne Troyer
15. Kanye West

Number 15 is more like a wish list. Dude is a total douchebag. Wait, so it #4&5.


Now that you are done here, go check out Truckin'. It has enough reading to get your through your boring Friday at work.

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