Thursday, March 15, 2007


I have been really bored at work lately. Mostly a sit around in the afternoon, listening to music, just doing the daily routine of work. Busting my ass during the first week of the month has its consequences I guess. I have the feeling that next week may be slow too and then it all is going to come rushing back to me in the last week making life hell.

So of course I decided to take Friday off. I need a small break. A mental health day if you will.

I may lie around the house all day or go watch the games. I could care less about who wins (basketball isn't my thing) but enjoy the drinking and bullshitting.

I just wish the Wisconsin Badger hockey game was on TV tonight. It appears to be on a different channel that requires a subscription. Damn them!

I will be posting the tracks for the final cut of While Drinking, I listen to...V.1.0 tomorrow. Got some good stuff. I wish I could have tracked down one more song but I couldn't. If I could figure out how the hell bit torrent works I could have all the porn drinking songs I could want. Guess there is always V.2.0.

I spent some time filling out a proxy form for a stock that I own. In the past, I used to just blindly vote along as management wanted. Then I started voting against management just for the hell of it. Then I finally got down to reading the proxy. Yes, I should have done it the first time around, but the proxies used to be a lot of the same old shit. Vote for directors and the the accounting firm, maybe an option plan.

But I looked at a proxy for Phillip Morris one year and realized the gold that is in these things. Sometimes the shareholder resolutions make sense. Others are ridiculous. It seems there is a nunnery or orphanage in Milwaukee that holds like 200 shares that keeps pushing for some anti smoking resolution on PM (now Altria for those scoring at home). Time and time again they keep pushing. Time and time again, they fail. I find it amusing. I am sick that way.

The item I look for the most now is executive compensation. Too many big wigs at companies make a ton more than they should. I am not talking about the guy at Exxon Mobil either, though he does get paid obnoxiously. People that run successful corporation deserve to be paid well, but not the millions extra to keep them employed there. That is where the bullshit comes in.

The granting of stock options as an incentive to hire/retain talent is a crock. So is paying dividends on stock options to keep people on board. If you are running your company correctly, there should be executives that can step in and take on the role of the top guys if those greedy bastards want to move on to some place else to get paid more. This ain't the NFL.

Worse yet are the people who get paid millions to leave a company. They don't do anything for the company or stock but get a nice parachute on the way out. Whatever happened to just firing someone for doing a shitty job?

So 9 out of 10 times, I vote against all executive compensation plans. If the company is doing well, then they can have it. But if my stock ain't kicking some ass, no soup for you!

Ain't nunnery a great word? Say it. You will enjoy it.

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