Sunday, March 18, 2007

Thoughts from basket games

For a guy who doesn't really watch basketball, I can sure get into the drinking and bullshitting that goes along with sitting around as the games go on. Of course, I learned a lot.

Duke can't shoot in high def. Thanks to the great TV coverage by CBS, you didn't know what game may suddenly interrupt the one you were watching, and whether the game would be in high def or not. The high def would come in and go out at the strangest times. We did notice that whenever CBS switched to the Duke game, they would suck. Especially when it tuned to high def. They bonked their shots time and time again, much to the delight of everyone who wanted to see them lose. Soon the battle cry was established. Duke can't shoot in high def! They lost to VCU.

Jack & Cokes to the rescue. Watching the Badgers play the first half of the game Friday was brutal. It was like replay of the Marquette game a day before. Except I am surrounded by angry Wisconsin alumni. To say they were pissed was an understatement. Hell, I couldn't even get any prop action going when I was putting the over/under at 20 for the Badger's score at the end of the half (no takers). So to change things up, I made a call. Jack and Cokes to change the mood and get the Badgers back into the game. It took 2 drinks for the Jack to kick in. Same with Wisconsin. Jack and Cokes rescue the Badgers from an embarrassing defeat. I may have to kick that in today if it gets ugly against UNLV.

How can we have a good midget conversation with you gaying it up? While watching the Jackson State/Florida game, I couldn't help notice the little guy playing for J-State. Catraivia Givens. The guy was all over the place. Though the stat page says he is 5' 8", I doubt it. Couldn't be more that 5 foot even (I kid). I was rooting for the midget to start hitting shots. He could pass the ball anywhere and seemed content to have assists. But I wanted him to start hitting from 3 point land. Sadly, he took only one shot. But every time he brought the ball up or made a touch, the calls went out. Midget! Midget shoot! Until someone said something stupid. Thus the quote.

I think my alcohol-blood level is getting low. Need to go get a beer.

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