Monday, March 12, 2007

Drinking across America on a Hog

The following is a paid review

"I don't intend to break the law with my drinking-and-riding. See, I
ran the numbers and figured it all out. They say you can metabolize one drink
per hour. So over the course of the month-long motorcycle book tour, I will be
sure to consume less than 720 drinks."-
Sy Nazif

I like people that figure out the math. Especially when they are right as the 24 in 24 challenge proved.

See, Sy here is planning to ride across the country to promote his book, Never Mind the Track. But he isn't about to do so like any prissy author. Nope, he is riding his Harley from L.A. to New York, stopping for signings along the way. If you like the book and his ideals, odds are you can point him out where your favorite watering hole is and he will go drink with you. Authors that drink. My kind of people.

Sy is tracking his journey on the site promoting his book. His journey begins in June so there is nothing up yet for his blog or any comments in his traveling journal. So like me, you will have to check back in in a couple of months to see how things are going.

Funny though. His schedule does not include a stop in Milwaukee. How does one drive a Harley across country and not stop at it's birthplace?

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