Tuesday, March 13, 2007


When I pulled into my garage last night, I took a look at what was left of the snowbank by the driveway. It was maybe 2 feet high, dirty, and sad looking.

This once mighty snowbank had grown old, weathered down by the forces of nature that had once made it so great. At one point it struck fear into my soul, as I prayed a snowplow wouldn't dump part of it into my drive just so I would slave away to make the snowbank my ruler once again.

With the temperatures soaring into the 60s, possibly 70, I wonder how much of that snow will be left by the time I get home.

With the weather being on the nice side for today (back to the 40s tomorrow), I was tempted to get the convertible out and drive it today. But I decided not to. I want to get it in shape first. Have the due a checkup, oil, tire rotation. A physical for my car. Will have to remember to make a call tomorrow. Plus, I noticed some small hose hanging off the back of my truck. Truck runs fine but this hose must have served some purpose.

I watched a show on the National Geographic Channel about North Korea last night. Wow! How screwed up is that country. Millions of brain washed people that live in fear of "the great leader". North Koreans truly believe this guy to be a god; that everything that is good is because of him. Forget the fact that they live in poverty. That millions die of starvation. That their kids are malnourished. They praise him or else.
They have no clue of what is happening in the rest of the world. Whatever riches the country has has been taken by this dictator, leaving the people with nothing.
And yet people want to compare our leader to a dictator? These people, have no clue how good you have it when you get together to protest the liberation of Iraq or any other policies of this administration or our country.

Back to the dentist tonight to get some more work done. Of course that means a liquid diet tonight of Makers.

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