Sunday, March 11, 2007

In the dark

Driving into work in the dark once again was a drag. With the street lights out on my block, it was kind of depressing. Just when the weather was getting to the warm side, not having sunlight in the morning on the drive in feels like a setback.

Hell, if it was dark like this on Saturday, I probably would have broken a bone when I slipped on the ice and went down. What, not everyone decided to get some CDs out of their truck at 8 in the morning wearing only short and a t-shirt?

I had to get the Jackyl disc to just about complete the drinking CD. Big thanks to Kat for sending me the Cycle Sluts song. Good stuff. I think I have the selection process completed. I spent some time looking at the 18 (?) songs and tried to put them in some kind of order. It isn't easy mixing metal, country, blues, punk, and live stuff together. Yet I figured I could get some kind of flow to it.

In the end, it will be just like how I did my exams in college. At the end, I always would look back and think about double checking answers. But I never did. I would get an attitude of "If I didn't think it was right the first time, why would it suddenly be wrong now?"

Speaking of drinking and music, Eddie Van Halen checked into rehab. Good for him. But it would have been better for him is to dump his publicist before he went all Betty Ford. Seriously, the first thing he should do when he gets out is fire his publicist. Check out the article on CNN. They use the "crazy" Eddie picture. Shouldn't his people submit a better pic so they don't use the crazy one? Get something out so he doesn't look like toothless cat collector.

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