Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Happy Trails to you

As my car entered the parking structure at work, I suddenly had a blast from the past roaring through my mind. It quickly ended with a slight feeling of sadness.

I recall back in the college days of going out on a Friday and Saturday night, boozing it up, and leaving the bars when they pushed you out. The sudden glare of the lights at 2:30 in the morning was usually accompanied by a song. A last song of the night. Kelly's in Oshkosh had theirs.
Mmmnnnnmmmmmm dup dup mmmnnnnmmmmm
Happy trails to you,
Until we meet again
It was clear that the last call for alcohol was come and gone. So you picked up your mug of beer and sang along with Van Halen.

Who ( oooh ) cares about the clouds when were together
Just ( aaah ) sing a song an think bout sunny weather...two...three
Happy trails to you,
Til we meet again
You then slammed the mug on the bar or table, got the gang together and went out the door, asking if anyone knew of an after bar party.

It dawned on me yesterday that I haven't been in a bar that had a closing song in many years. In the past, I have been in places that featured Frank Sinatra singing New York, New York, or Semisonic doing Closing Time (a song that just missed on on While Drinking, I listen too...Vol 1.). But nothing over at least 10 years.

I wonder what the cause may be. I know of some bars that simply do not have the ability to play their own music. They rely on the jukebox alone. Even some places that do have the equipment, they don't use it. I don't go to places that feature DJs so it is possible that the art of the closing song is still alive. If so, I wonder what songs are played to usher the drunks out the door nowadays.

Can anyone help me with zipping files? I tried to zip up the contents of While Drinking, I listen to...Vol 1 and had problems. It would not attach to an email. I tried to half the project and that didn't work out well either. Is there a secret to zipping and sending music? Any help is appreciated.

And one final thing:
If people don't walk around singing to themselves "Bom-ba-dee-da-bom-ba-dee-da", then I just haven't done my job today. It must get stuck in someone's head beside mine.

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