Monday, March 26, 2007

My defective left arm

Yeah, that is a better title that saying there was double penetration. Of the arm that is. Don't need to get all the perverts on their search engines showing up. Just some.

It was a blood giving day. And once again they had trouble finding a good vein in my left arm so they had to switch the right. I just wish the senior blood girl wouldn't have pushed down so hard when trying to find the vein. She did the same thing on my right arm, thus making it the most painful blood donation I have ever experienced. My arms are still a little sore.

I found myself chuckling over the mandatory questionnaire once again. If I knew I had sex with a chick that had hepatitis or hemophilia, would I really know that? I don't know of any chick that would suddenly offer up that information after you shot your load. Maybe some day a girl will tell me the next day that I can scratch "had sex with hemophiliac" off my list of things to do.

I was told by the blood people not to do any heavy lifting or tugging. No tugging? This is the first time they have given this instruction. Guess I won't be turning on the old porn loader at home after work. Hmm...maybe I can find a woman to watch Steel Magnolias with?

Yesterday was a beautiful day, not that I would know. I was cooped up inside playing poker. So much for listening to the weatherman. Today is another nice day and I am cooped up inside working. And listening to people bitch about how warm it is inside. Apparently it takes some time for the air conditioning to kick in. People complained all winter that they could wait for it to get warmer. Now that it is warmer, they complain that it is warm. Pick a side people.

I blame Al Gore. His bullshit about global warming has everyone nutty.

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