Friday, March 23, 2007

Madness reigns

Why am at work early on a Friday? Woke up early and decided to not lay around in bed but get my ass up and go in so I could leave early. But then I realized, I leave early on Fridays anyway.

Couldn't help but notice there was an update to the site yesterday. There is a radio interview up that I think is worth listening to. Sy has a good argument on why drunks are basically harassed when pulled over for DUI. I am not by any means condoning drinking and driving but officials can take it too far. I probably drive better even with a couple beers in me than most people do sober.

BB King will be playing Summerfest this year. More great guitar action. I like.

The southbound lanes of the Lake Parkway were closed this morning at Oklahoma Ave. Strange. It leads to the airport. Please don't tell me it is because Mitt Romney is in town. Closing down freeways for potential candidates is ridiculous. Update: The lanes were closed when someone decided that parking their VW into the concrete bridge pillar was a good idea.

I was thinking about doing some painting around the house this weekend but it is going to rain. I have vowed to paint my porch, the trim around the back door, and my living room. No, I don't believe I will be using any RL paint.

It is not even 8 and I am dreading the long boring day ahead. I wonder what I can go waste some time on.

This won't make blow hard Al happy. Even kids know hype when they hear it.

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