Thursday, March 22, 2007

Bad karma

When I was walking through the parking structure on my way out of work, I knew instantly something was wrong.

No keys.

And I knew exactly where they were and why they were there. Where- Ignition of truck. Why- Because I didn't want to have to talk to a dickhead who was entering the building when I arrived. I stayed in my truck for a minute so he could walk by (all the time saying to myself "keep walking, keep walking") and I wouldn't have to make small talk with this guy.

20 minutes and $31.68 later, I was on the road home to get my car from the shop. My horse is ready to run. So when it snows again, you can all blame me. I will take the blame for any snow in the Midwest. East and West Coasts are on your own. Unlike ZZ Top, I may be bad, but I am not nationwide.

I headed to the grocery store after getting the car. The people at this place never cease to amaze me and they would not disappoint last night. It started in the parking lot, where I witnessed a guy pull halfway into a spot, back up, and move 2 spot closer to the building. Way to save yourself 10 feet of walking there. I just pull into the first spot I see. I don't the time to waste looking for a spot close by. Hmm...but apparently I have the time to waste walking the extra distance. It just doesn't matter.

The only place you need to park close to is a bar, but then again you shouldn't be driving to a bar anyways. Which makes you wonder why they have parking lots.

Inside the store, I watch a lady walking around, head tilted to the left to hold her phone on her shoulder. I was laughing inside at the boyfriend/husband/lover/moron standing by her side, being totally ignored. I could maybe see a quick call, but I caught these two a couple aisles later and the lady was still yammering into the phone. I looked closely for the leash but didn't see any. It must have been a clear plastic.

I had another laugh when I saw older lady shopping with her older daughter (I would guess 70ish and 40ish). The old lady picked up a jar of guacamole and put it back down saying it was too spicy. Too spicy? It is a mass quantity jar of baby poo colored dip that they call guac. Probably little avocado in it. Probably tastes like baby poo too. Hardly something I would call guac and I highly doubt it is spicy. At least she didn't try and sue the company for it being too spicy.

The lines were long at the checkout counters. Or so it appeared. I walked to the middle and found one with just the person being checked out. I looked around and wondered if the guy was closing the lane. No. Why wasn't anyone else in this line? Especially the grumpy lady who just huffed because her line wasn't moving.

For some reason I ended up watching part of 1 vs 100 where some stupid lady used all of her "life lines" or whatever they call them on the show on the first 3 questions. That is all she answered and walked out with 100k. I don't know who was dumber. The lady who needed hellp to know you have more blood in your than a two liter soda bottle or me for having actually watched the show. I must be cuz I didn't get 100k to look moronic on TV.

But if Bob Saget calls, I am more than willing to do it.

Caught this video over at Boots & Sabers. This gentleman summarizes my thoughts on the war and the politicians who keep using it to make themselves seem more important. One point he has in very thought provoking. While the media keeps trumpeting the number of our soldiers that have died, they fail to keep a count of the number of terrorist that have been killed. Hell, don't want to do that, it may sound like we are winning and they do not want that.

Ok, I am backing off politics for a while. I had to get it out of my system. Lots of people keep saying that the Bush administration is incompetent. Now they are adding that it is corrupt. I asked someone to explain how and they couldn't do it. Proved to me that they are just regurgitating what they are reading. Kind of like all the Hollywood stars that like to say that Bush is stupid when many of them didn't even got to college or even graduate from high school. If you say something again and again, people will believe it to be true. That doesn't mean it is.

Summerfest has added the Blonde's favorite, George Thorogood to their lineup. Buddy Guy will be playing the blues as well. Always a great show there. Not only do you get Buddy playing guitar like no one's business, he always has amazing talent on stage with him. Only downside it that the show is on the 3rd, so the grounds will be packed.

Damn I wish today was Friday.

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