Monday, March 05, 2007

No dice

After getting my fair share of alcohol on Friday and Saturday, I usually take it easy on Sundays now that football is over and there really isn't jack on TV. I did watch the Red Wings play, but no one really goes out to watch hockey and drink in this city. So I lay around, relax, and watch movies or whatever might be on cable.

I did catch the first episode of Andrew "Dice" Clay's new reality show on Vh1. Not quite sure what to make of it. The premise is he is making a comeback (he wants to play Giants Stadium) and to prepare himself, he has supposedly been taping his actions over the last umpteen years. He claims to carry a video camera with him where ever he goes and it always taping. That makes the show a little cheesy.

For example, he is seen jogging through a park, carrying this little camera in front of him. Dice, you ballooned up pretty good. This jog you are taking looks pretty damn fake. Like it is hard to believe you are out there running every day.

Or when he is troubled about the fight he had with his fiance. He is seen walking around New York "in deep thought" and getting on subways and going no where. Feels staged.

I will probably watch the second episode tonight. Normally I would say this is a train wreck waiting to happen as most of these shows seem to be. In this case, I don't think so. It may be way too boring for anything to happen. Which is sad. Dice was damn funny in his day. How could you not like:
Hickory dickory dock
this chick was sucking my cock
The clock struck two,
I dropped my goo
and let her off at the next block.


Brings back memories, doesn't it?

On the drive to work today, some guys were talking about Forbe's list of the best General Managers in sports today. Coming in at a surprising #13 is Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys. That makes him top 5 in the NFL. Basically they say he doesn't spend as much as other guys, but when he does, he usually gets wins out it. You can read more here about what criteria they use. It is just one opinion so no one should get their panties in a bunch over it.

Would be nice if the weekend was longer. Or I was some place where it was warmer. Blonde goes off to Florida, Al goes to Vegas, and I am watching snow melt and washed up fat comedians in between beers. I really need to get away.

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