Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Global Warming strikes again!

I have been watching the global warming debate for the past year. Yes, I said debate. That is something that most people don't want you to know. That is why they are using phrases such as "undeniable fact" or "virtually no doubt" when saying that global warming is a threat to us.

There is a whole different side of the argument though. One that doesn't get the attention. Probably because they do not have a blowhard hypocrite making movies for them or uppity Hollywood types who think they know better behind them.

Some say global warming is a sham. That man is not responsible as they would like us to think.

Call me a skeptic, but I think the global warming thing is a joke. Unlike what they have said, there has no be undeniable evidence that we are the cause. Wasn't the big environmental concern 20 years ago of a new ice age? At least that is what Newsweek was proclaiming.

So yes, I find it quite amusing that someone can go see a movie, or hear a speech and freak out and become a global green nut. There is nothing wrong with turning off lights, recycling, or choosing products made from recycled product. Hell, go buy a hybrid if it makes you feel better. But don't preach to me what you have learned from a movie. Go read what the other side has to say. Do so with an open mind. And then remember that whatever you do in the US will most likely be offset by the pollution in India or China.

As I said, I am a skeptic, but I keep reading and could be converted. This story troubled me and just about made me think that this global warming thing could be real. When a man has to settle for a second rate hooker because there is not enough snow in Bulgaria is disturbing. Maybe we need to stop this global warming thing now.

Or send them all the snow we are getting.

I also think that the Fond du Lac werewolf may claim global warming in his defense. Why not? It is a nice catch all.

Yep, just when things were getting to be "normal" in Wisconsin, the crazies need to rise up and show themselves once again. It is like they were jealous that Britney Spears and Anna Nicole Smith were getting all the attention. It was fair. Everyone knows all the crazy fucks are from Wisconsin. Ed Gein, Jeffery Dahmer, Casa de Culo swordsmen (he entered a plea of not guilty-ha!), and now the Fond du Lac werewolf.

Understand why I drink so much?

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