Monday, March 19, 2007


A funny thing happened before the debacle that was the Badger basketball game. The guy who set it up, we'll call me Ryan, did not show up. Did not show up the night before at the bar, nor did he show for the basketball game. Funny as he had set up to get a bunch of people together to watch the game a B-dubs.

What I found amusing were the reactions. There were 3 distinct reactions from his friends.

First was Don's. He was concerned. Ryan was suppose to pick him up en route to the bar on Saturday. When he never showed, Don got a bit miffed and went by himself. When I picked up Don to go watch the game, he was wondering if something had happened. Maybe some Ryan's parents got sick or someone was in an accident. He was thinking of driving by Ryan's house to check up on him.

This was a nice gesture. After all, Ryan is a cell guy. If you call or text him, he always gets back to you. So it was weird to not hear back from him.

My reaction was of humor. I said he probably got beat up by his boyfriend and didn't want anyone to see his black eye. A common dig from one guy to another. Call him gay. I don't think Ryan is gay (or as far as we can tell- see more humor!), but saying he got his butt kicked by his male lover did get laughs from everyone who heard it. Just about got beer through the nose on someone as well.

Tim's reaction was sarcasm. When told something may not be right about Ryan, Tim said he hasn't been right for years. Again, a nice, funny shot.

As it may have turned out, he had a serious headache and claims he went to the hospital. His headache was so bad that he couldn't see. Well, you know what they say. If you don't stop it, you'll go blind.

With better weather just around the corner, I am getting the car out. Should have it in at the garage either Tuesday or Wednesday getting it read for the road. Therefore, I apologize in advance if it snows or we have an ice storm.

Here is an interesting story out of Alaska. I guess Drinking for Jesus has a cousin, Bong Hits for Jesus. I fully support his freedom of speech. Yet, I have to wonder why they are talking about something that happened 5 years ago? It makes me wonder if someone why someone hasn't freaked out over the Drinking for Jesus shirts. It isn't an original idea by any means, just something that me and my friends found amusing, just like the Bong Hits for Jesus guy.

And yes, a new shirt is in the works for 2007. The concept was hashed out a week ago. I just need my artist to do a bit of work, add some details, and the unveiling will be done.

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