Sunday, April 08, 2007


S.A.S. = Suck Ass Saturday

That is how my day was. It sucked major ass.

It had the potential to be a great Saturday. I had no errands to run so it was totally up to me on how the day would unfold.

Or so I thought.

I went to the bar to watch the Brewers game. I arrive just before the noon start and saw they were having a poker tournament. Crap. Though I love to play poker, the people that run this show are a bunch of jag offs. I think it is crooked, though my friends enjoy it.

The Brewers manage no offense and lose. There is another kick in the junk.

I then get involved with some poker and drop $30. Plus I notice I am actually paying for my drinks. WTF??? Could the day get any worse?


I then get a call from my mother informing me they had to rush my sister to the hospital. Fucking great! She had a minor stroke when delivering her last child and they were concerned she had something worse. Apparently my brother in law was freaking out. And so was I a bit.

I had to get out of the bar and be by myself to process everything. I am closer to my sister than anyone else in my family and this news really bothered me. I began to feel very sad as I drove home. Mom kept calling with updates which helped but I was still in a bad mood.

Hell, I even stopped drinking. I opened a beer and it stood there all alone on the table. I didn't even drink half of it.

Thankfully it was nothing serious and my sister is ok. Spoke with her this morning and I will see her later today.

I do want to thank my friends for their support last night. It truly means a lot to hear that from all of you.

Hopefully my Sunday will be much better.

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