Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Maybe this is a baseball town

I haven't read any of the newspaper articles yet but they are saying that 19,000 people showed up to watch the Cleveland Indian/Los Angeles-Anaheim Angels game last night. I am dreading reading the story. I know there will be a line or two from some dipshit saying "We wanted to give them a warm Milwaukee welcome" or "show some hospitality" crap. Worse yet, there may be a "these are cheaper than Brewers tickets" line.

Well, get some coffee while I check out the story.

I am shocked. But I am not disappointed. There is a line about the tickets being cheap at $10 a pop so that is close to what I was expecting.

But what is with the assclown who said "We were hoping for a tie". Apparently he thought he was being cute holding up a sign that combined both teams names. I won't repeat it as the level of stupidity is quite high.

But hoping for a tie? What the hell is this loser teaching his kids? Sounds like it is bordering on child abuse. No one plays a game for a tie. Only asshats that don't want anyone to get their feelings hurt root for a tie. I bet his kids play soccer. Idiot.

I plan on being out for the game tonight. I may have to wade through 5 inches of snow and 30-40 mph gusts of wind. Not to mention traffic jams. If I didn't have the tickets already I don't know if I would actually go. Well, my friend has the tickets. Depending on the roads, we may bail on the game. Ten bucks isn't a loss.

Close to 20,000 people though. They said they were only going to sell 9000 seats for each game. It must have been a madhouse with twice the number of people and half the usual staff.

Milwaukee may just be a baseball town after all.

One thing for sure, it is a snowy town. As I have already mentioned, we are getting hit with a winter storm. As I look out on the horizon, it is very grey and the wind is howling. Those wizards in the weather said we would have a couple of inches already but- SHOCK- they were wrong. It should get nice and nasty just in time for the drive home. And I will be at work about an hour later than normal.


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