Thursday, May 24, 2007

12 pack night

It would have been more if I hadn't run out of beer. I could have sworn I had more that 4 beers in the house.

It all started with a trip to Home Depot to buy that shower hose. After inspecting the old hose, I knew right away it had to be replaced. Taping it was not an option though the tenant thought it would work. As I drove to the store, top down, the warm air surrounding me, I thought about how it was too nice of a night to do any kind of work.

So I ended up at the bar. Hey, it happens.

The usual suspects were there. I enjoyed the first bucket talking with Russ (a bartender from the glory days) about the status of a friend. It then went on to other stuff. As we rambled on, I noticed a new bottle behind the bar. It was down to the right by the Tanqueray. Looked like Tanqueray but the bottle was lighter. I got the barback to grab the bottle for me and discovered they had a gin with the lime in it. Interesting. I will have to give it a test ride.

And yes, I may be the only person that notices a new bottle of booze behind the bar. I may know that bar better than most of the current bartenders. I even pointed out where the J&B was when one of them told a customer they didn't carry it.

If I didn't have a poker game to get to, I would have stayed a while longer. Everything had fallen into place. Cold beer, good friends, and good conversation. Nice.

Looks like a long weekend of boozing ahead. And it all starts with.....

Drinking for Jesus 2007!!!

I am calling it the Tents of Mass Consumption Tour. The finishing touches are being put on the shirts as I type. I hope to get an image up later. Psalm 23 will never be the same!

The location this weekend is Immaculate Heart of Mary this Friday with perhaps Milwaukee's best cover band, Rhythm Method. Be there. After all, it is for Jesus.

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