Thursday, May 31, 2007

Dey ain't got nuffin!

I am rather amused by the big news in Milwaukee. No, not Turn(b)low giving up another game yesterday. No, I am talking about Alderman Michael McGee getting tossed into the hoosegow!

Over the last two days, details are emerging on why he was giving some new jewelry on Monday. The first word was he was bribing and extorting his constituents. The "gatekeeper" decided how much it would take for you to get that liquor license ($100 *ahem* donation to his gun buy back program) or to get a license to keep you convenience store open 24 hours (this week only, $1000!- what a deal!).

Yesterday, we learned that you don't mess with the gatekeeper. If you go against his wishes, or the wishes of his peeps, you may be in for a "headbusting". Hopefully someone can clarify a question I have. Does "head busting" package include "peeling back" the intended target's "wig" and "sewing his cap together" or if that is like $500 extra.

I can only believe the best is yet to come. Really, this case can only get better from here. The charging documents have been sealed. So we are only getting bits and pieces of the crimes he is accused of committing. Though McGee's attorneys say he is innocent (cuz whitey the prosecutor don't know street language), they are the ones forcing the charges to remain sealed. The Milwaukee DA wants everyone to see the case. Looks like McGee's guys are really hiding the good stuff.

I am thinking about setting the odds on the chance the McGee posts bail and makes a run for the border OJ style. Bail was reduced yesterday. Being that he is a public official, he is still getting paid his salary and the $325/month car allowance. I am pretty sure he can get a good deal on a white Bronco for that amount.

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