Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The practise run was a success

After night drinking stints on Friday and Saturday, it was time to move away from Drinking for Jesus and listening to music to marathon drinking. Sunday would be 8 hours at the bar, "watching" the race (more like hanging out and bullshitting with friends) while Monday would be another 8, but at Hooters and sitting in a friend's backyard.

No wonder I didn't sleep well Monday night. My body was expecting to keep pushing forward. It know Vegas is just a week away and enjoying the practise of sitting around consuming large quantities of beer.

The wonderment that is Las Vegas is just a week away. This year I will be taking a late flight in on Wednesday instead of a daytime one on Thursday. I always hate waiting those last couple of hours before heading out on a vacation. So this time I can get home from work, work out, and head to the bar for a couple of buckets before getting on the plane. I believe I do have an aisle seat in the front of the plane so I can go drain off the buckets as necessary. I figure I can have another beer or two on the plane, get to the hotel and be ready for a couple of more at the Pai Gow table.

In the meantime I just need to get through 6 working days. The boss comes back from her vacation today so I know the next couple of days will be spent updating her on anything that happened over the past 3 weeks. Easy. Not much. I did accomplish some things that will make her happy and hopefully her stories will be good ones.

I also should get some lawns cut before I leave. That thought struck hard last night when some clown was out cutting his grass at 8:10. It was getting dark at that point and he had just fired up the machine. Nuts I tell you. So if it doesn't rain today, I will be getting my yard done with sights on mother's lawn for Saturday. If it does rain, I will head out to the grocery store to get enough food to last a week. Don't know why exactly but I gots to gets me a watermelon.

Good to see the Brewers finally won a game last night. May has been absolutely brutal to the team once again. Historically May is a terrible month for this team. The Brewers are one game below .500 this month. Scarily, no other team in the NL Central has played any better. The Crew just can't get those clutch runs in like they did in April. Hopefully they can win the series this afternoon and get on a roll for the weekend. After that those damn sCrubs come to town again. Now is the time to start a week long winning streak.

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