Friday, May 04, 2007

Drinking for all the wrong reasons

It was a quiet night at the bar. The usual suspects were nowhere to be found. It didn't matter much as I knew what time I needed to be out of there. Once the crapaoke starts, I am gone.

As I sat there enjoying my beer, I saw this guy walk in the bar. I recognized him as someone I had shot darts against in the past. Hell, it might be like 10 years ago. Anyways, I looked and him and couldn't help but think "Wow, he looks like hell!" I don't think he is older than me but he sure looks like it.

He sat with his friends and got a beer. From the corner of my eye I watched. What used to be a fit, active person now looked like a haggard dude with a beer gut. I laughed inside as the guy always was a knob. Now it looks like karma is catching up.

It got me to thinking though. Here was a person who looked like he was drinking for all the wrong reasons. Yes, I will say there are some wrong reasons to drink. Drinking to escape your misery is one. Actually I should say drinking in excess to escape your life is more accurate.

This guy looked like he did this on a regular basis. Different night, different bar. But some old booze. Though he kept on running from something, he was not getting away.

On the other side of the coin is drinking to be sociable, and for the fantastic tastes of alcohol. Drinking to be with friends and to enjoy a nice beer, cocktail, or shot.

Put me in the latter camp. Drinking to drown your sorrows does not help. But drinking with friends to drown your sorrows does.

Just over a month until I am in Vegas. Man do I need a vacation! I thought about calling work and telling them I wasn't coming in today. I have a ton of vacation days to use, but I don't like calling in at the last minute and bailing out. I don't think it is fair to my co-workers. If I don't show, they suddenly have to take care of items they were planning of working on. I hate it when other do it to me, but I won't do it to them. Besides, if I wasn't working today, most of it wouldn't be done anyways and I would get buried next week.

What I thought was to be a nice weekend looks like a rainy one now. There is a lawn in need of a mowing that probably won't get it. A screen door that is begging to be put out of its misery hopefully will be replaced. And the final touches on the porch may get done.

If it doesn't rain.

As much as I would love to then head out to a bar and drink all day, I doubt I will. Instead I will probably prep some rooms for painting. The sooner I do that, the sooner I will get the interior paint and get it done. Sorry Blonde, no RL here. Unless you can convince me....

Have a great weekend and rock on with your bad selfs!

Late add...
How could I forget to put up a drunk David Hasselhoff?!?!? Look at him, laying on the floor enjoying the sandwich!

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